Why You Shouldn’t Take Fruit On Your Holidays…

Why You Shouldn't Take Fruit On Your Holidays

Try as he might he just couldn’t get a signal on his Orange!

Of course, the fruit I am alluding to are Apples (iPads or iPhones), Blackberry’s and Oranges (or any other network for that matter) and I am really talking about not using them for work purposes rather than as a way of keeping in touch with the kids at the beach.

But why would you bother?

I recently took a week off and before I went I had been wrestling with a few strategic challenges within the business. Operationally I was in good shape but I just needed some away-time to think things over at a leisurely pace – not a luxury I usually get during my normal working week.

Usually I do take along on holiday my iPhone (and was planning to slip my iPad in too this time) but I decided not to. And here’s why: –

  • Melanie is a first rate support person who can handle anything that comes along and if not would find a way to contact me.
  • We took some time to do a proper handover.
  • I am not that crucial to events that if I’m not there the world will stop.
  • I need a chance to let myself empty of work before gradually reintroducing it. Step away, step away and see so much more that way!
  • It’s not fair to my family – it isn’t the few minutes you spend on your emails it’s the distance it creates when you stop. You’re kidding yourself if you think it doesn’t affect them: it does.

As it turns out we were unable to fly due to a sick daughter but I took a staycation at home instead. Same rules applied and for the same reasons.

After a whole week of working in the garden, going for walks, some outings with Mrs Ames and time spent working with my youngest son on his house I had completely emptied my head of work – it wasn’t easy to keep away from the electronic office but I managed it. The results: I was utterly refreshed, eager to get back to work and had a clear way forward for each of my challenges (mostly the answers popped into my head right at the end of the week).

So next time your holidays are looming do yourself a favour and leave your work behind. Get a good support person in, do a proper handover and focus your attention on your family where it belongs.

If you do you will most likely come back much stronger, more refreshed and with more ideas than if you had been checking emails and texts every day to “keep on top of things”.

Happy holidays and let the only fruit you encounter be in a bowl at breakfast time!

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