Why referrals should carry a health warning!

We all love it when a warm prospect is referred to us by a happy client or trusted friend.

But is it a good idea to base your entire business growth strategy on referrals and if it isn’t (that’s a clue right there) what’s the alternative.

All is revealed in the following video.

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4 comments on “Why referrals should carry a health warning!
  1. Interesting and certainly worth serious consifderation. having only fairly recently “discovered” networking as a way to create referrals I am very much in my infancy on the revenue stream discussion

    • Mike Ames says:

      My advice is to master the referrals channel first; but my point is it’s too dangerous to rely upon that alone. Go you!

  2. Andrea Riachrd says:

    I do love this video – it reminds us that referrals cannot be the only sales lead and chance of getting business that you should rely on. The flair programme enables you to be in charge of your sales activity and to be in control of when new business comes to your door.
    As Mike has said a great combination is to have both; the Flair Sales funnel and the referrals.
    Thanks mIke for another great informative, food for thought video

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