When it’s time to change a part of your business…..

I am a hoarder. Can’t help it; just am. If I am clearing out the shed I move everything out, put things on a “send to the tip” pile, make a cup of coffee then move it all back in again.

This is not the case if Mrs Ames is involved – no messing about followed by several heavily laden trips to the tip.

Business is the same. We cling to things that are familiar or we feel we might need but we end up with a business that is cluttered, complicated and under-performing. When it’s time to sort something out involve somebody who isn’t emotionally connected with whatever you’re focused on and then follow their advice.

It doesn’t even have to be an external person but if you do decide to hire an outsider best avoid Mrs Ames; that is if you want anything at all to be left at the end!

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