When Does Language Become Jargon?

Business Jargon

Uncanny how accurate these fortune cookies can be eh?

If you’re in the circle it’s language.  One lawyer talks to another; one sales person to another; one ballroom dancer to another – they use words that they understand and feel comfortable with; enjoy using even.

If you’re outside the circle it’s jargon. Lawyer to non-lawyer, sales person to client etc. – use the same words as before but the layman doesn’t understand them. You’ve crossed the jargon line.

We all do it; nobody’s immune. We use our language, our words and our acronyms when talking to somebody who is out of our circle and we shouldn’t. Communication is being understood not just being heard – we’re not communicating when we use jargon.

Want to avoid alienating, frustrating and angering the people who count? Make sure you stay this side of the jargon line.

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