What you should post (and not post) on LinkedIn

I often get asked “what’s the point of making posts on LinkedIn?” and when I explain the benefits the next question is invariably “so what should I post?”.

In this short video, I’ll answer both questions.

Also worth watching if you ever feel like all you do is collect LinkedIn contacts but don’t do anything with them.

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4 comments on “What you should post (and not post) on LinkedIn
  1. DES PONSONBY says:

    Hi Mike,
    Loved how simply you summed up what to do and not do on Linkedin!

  2. Neville James says:

    Hi Mike
    Another piece of rapier clarity.
    If only ‘the Donald’ adopted your technique (blogs and hair) the world would be a better place.
    Keep up the message!

    kind regards
    Neville James

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