What clients like and dislike in sales pitches

A sales pitch is the seminal moment in the whole sales cycle: get it right and you walk away with a lucrative deal; get it wrong and you’ll probably end up with “the big goose-egg”.

But what are the decision makers you’re pitching to actually looking for?

Crikey, if you knew this it would change everything.

You’d no longer be best-guessing what they wanted you’d actually know and could craft your pitch accordingly.

Well, now you can!

We asked some senior decision makers who have worked for firms like KPMG, IMI, Eversheds, E.ON, RBS and Computacenter what turned them on and off about sales pitches and they told us. Boom!

Their advice is honest, thought-provoking and very often surprising. I’ve been delivering sales pitches for 30 years and I learned some new stuff.

It covers every aspect of pitching from the basics, PowerPoint, how to read and react to body language, the value of a customised pitch, what research you should do beforehand and loads more.

Anyhow, we compiled it all into a concise guide which you can get for FREE and share with your team by simply clicking on this link: “Sales Pitches – What Decision Makers Really Want”.

I consider it cheating really but then again why give your competitors an easy ride?

Oh, I’ve also summarised all their comments into 10 simple rules right at the end.

So here’s that link again and please, do let me know what you think of it when you’ve read it. Leave a comment on the blog or drop me an email 🙂

Click here and your free pitching guide will be emailed to you.

Happy pitching guys.

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