What a video case study looks like (and why bother)

If a buyer is recommended to you then you’ll receive what’s called ‘inherited credibility’. In other words, a trusted person has recommended a supplier and some of that trust is then transferred to the supplier.

Who’s going to recommend somebody who’s no good, right? The thinking is – nobody.

But when the buyer comes to you or you go to them without a recommendation in sight what happens then?

Well, the buyer will seek some proof of quality – “is this product I’m thinking of buying any good?”

As the seller there are several ways you can answer this question: testimonials, speaking to existing clients, performance statistics, independent assessments and so on.

But one of the easiest, and most effective ways, is a well written case study where the client’s name and company are included.

But, here’s an interesting thing, a video case study is 5 times more likely to be believed that the written equivalent (see below for an example).

YES, 5 TIMES!!!!!

A real person staring into the camera and saying how good you are, is pretty compelling I can tell you.

But what should a video case study look like and supposing you don’t want to pay a video company to produce it; what then?

Well, we produced this video case study ourselves using equipment and software anybody can easily learn to master and which, in the great scheme of things, costs two bob and a conker.

If you didn’t know me would you be more likely to engage me or not? See what you think….




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2 comments on “What a video case study looks like (and why bother)
  1. Christopher MacCafferty says:

    Good advice Mike. Video looks professional.

    • Mike Ames says:

      Thanks, Chris. We’ve had a lot of interest from it and how we made it so we’re running a free webinar in February (21st I think) to share. Only half an hour but packed with useful stuff for the budding videographer. Watch this space for more on this in the next few days.

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