TLDR – or How to get Much shorter emails

Short but Sweet!

Short but Sweet!

This one’s for anybody with a “frank and honest” approach to business especially those who have, or aspire to have, some authority.

Do you ever get excessively long emails that causes a little bit of you to die inside when you open them?

If you do it’s probably been written by someone who: –

  • Wants to cover their @rse so they can say later “but I put that in an email to you” *shudders inwardly* or
  • Can’t be bothered to do their job so tips everything they know about a subject into an email in the hope that you’ll tell them what to do next.

So next time this happens this is what you do. Click REPLY; type TLDR and press SEND.

When the inevitable “?” bounces back you expand it to “Too long, didn’t read”. Sorted!

Thanks to my friend Mr Mike Gladwin for this little beaut.

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