The Secret Power Of Persuasion

First thing to say this is not a political blog post but it does draw on the remarkable UK General Election of June 2017.

Why did the Tories lose when they started off in such a super-strong position?

How did Labour pull off such a dramatic surge in support?

It’s all a matter of persuasion; as it is in business.

In this short video, I’ll reveal the answer to these questions but, more importantly, how you can apply them in business to get equally unbelievable results.


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2 comments on “The Secret Power Of Persuasion
  1. John Adams says:

    Thanks Mike, some great points!

    • Mike Ames says:

      Thanks John. The main point is pretty obvious when you stop and think about it. Humans have needed it for years – something to believe in and feel a part of.

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