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[FEATURED POST] The Sales Methodology “In-A-Box”… That Has Brought In More Than $280 Million Dollars To Date!

Read this if you are truly serious about creating real exponential growth in your business…

Hi there,

It’s Mike here, and, in this post, I am going to give you one of the most profitable systems for attracting B2B clients ever developed!

But first, if you own or operate a B2B business, I want you to take a good look at the pictures on this page:

Software Knowledge Exponential Growth Graph

Okay, did you do it? Did you take a look at all that amazing growth? If so, what you just saw is the first business I ever made using the turnkey sales methodology I invented called “The Revenue Factory”.

That methodology has, to date, brought in…

Well Over A Quarter Of A
Billion Dollars In Sales!

And that’s just in my own businesses!

Maybe you read my story in IOD Magazine. Or perhaps you saw one of our numerous features in The Independent on Sunday (where we were recognised as the 27th fastest growing private company in the U.K).

If so, you wouldn’t have been the first! In fact, since then, my clients have included the likes of Cadbury’s, Premier Brands, Orange, Severn Trent Water, TNT, Massey Ferguson, KPMG, Shell, Tesco, Volkswagen, Renault Trucks, Met Life, Mimecast, Pearl Assurance… and, to be honest, far too many others to list!

Point is: if you want to quite literally transform your business into an empire, I have the track record to show you exactly how to do it.

Best of all, I can show you how to do it without wasting money on marketing… without resorting to cold calls… and even… without needing “super sales people” (who always leave your business in the shit when they leave).

After all, I’ve been the go-to guy for “exponential business growth” for more than a decade now. I’ve taught my methods to literally hundreds of people over the years.

And Now…
It’s Your Turn

Yes, what I am going to do… for the first time ever… is give you a complete breakdown of my $280m sales methodology, “The Revenue Factory”… right here in this article!

This famous system is the single most powerful way I know to create truly exponential growth (like the kind you saw in the graph) in virtually any kind of B2B business… in the absolute fastest time possible!

I know. I know. That sure is one big claim to make, isn’t it? But it’s really true. And I can prove it, too.

You see, over the last decade my clients and I have tested, proven and refined this system in just about every type of B2B business there is….

Professional services… manufacturing… I.T services… recruitment… events businesses…

You name it and the Revenue Factory has been deployed there, to the tune of enormous profit windfalls!

And, here’s my favourite part…

As you will discover, as soon as you “install” The Revenue Factory into your own business… (if you want it to) your business can… quite literally…

Run All On Its Own!

For example: after selling my first business for millions, I set out to do the whole thing again with a brand new venture. Only this time, I wanted to try a little experiment.

What I wanted to do was see if I could install The Revenue Factory into this brand new business with my partners (which was a recruitment firm)… take a back seat in the boardroom… and still get the kind of exponential growth I had become famous for, without actually doing any work in the business myself.

So did it work?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge on that. Today that business does…

More Than £15,000,000
A Year In Sales

In fact, I think it’s actually projected to do something like £20 mil next year. And the reason why it worked so well is because the magic is certainly not in me. It is not even in the people.

The magic is in the system!

Contrast what I have just explained (generating millions of pounds in revenue while barely doing any work whatsoever) to the stressed out, run-down lives most business owners lead (where they can’t even get away from the office for so much as a week without everything falling apart when they get back)… and you’ll no doubt understand why my clients pay so much money for me to show them “The Revenue Factory”.

But anyway, I digress.

I promised you I would give you a complete “blueprint” for the Revenue Factory right here in this article, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

In fact, I’m actually going to go one better.

See, rather than try and explain everything in this post, what I decided to do is shoot a special “one off” video that explains to you the entire Revenue Factory methodology in the simplest way I know how.

That video is waiting for you right here! Watch it now:

Okay, did you watch the video?

If so, you’re probably wondering, “Mike, what is the easiest way to ‘transplant’ this $280m system into my own business?”

Is that what you’re thinking? Well the answer to that question is there are really ten steps you must take if you want to “install” The Revenue Factory into your business, and go from where you are now to where you want to be.

Lucky for you, I’ve broken down exactly what those ten steps are, in part two of this article!

Click here to read part two now.

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