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3 questions to ask at networking events

Let’s face it, the typical ‘networking events script’ can be both predictable and dreary. “So, what do you does you company do then?” “And what’s your role?” “Do you come here often?” – well maybe not this one but you

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How to engage with the right people at networking events

It’s the same old challenge we all face at networking events – engaging the right people.

Entering a room full of people can be daunting and finding the right people can be a real challenge but, engaging them when you do, is perhaps the hardest of all.

So here are 3 things you can do that will make you more successful when attending networking events.

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7 Ways To Measure If Attending A Business Event Was Worth It

We attend business events all the time: networking do’s, seminars, conferences, trade shows and so on. But how do we know whether it was worth it or not? Naturally if we went to learn something new the value comes from

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The absolute rule for perfect networking……

Giving builds networks! The other day I asked somebody to do a favour for me. I wanted an introduction to somebody within his company with whom I could discuss a business idea. He didn’t have to help but he thought

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5 Ways To Get More Out Of Networking Events

I have to say I am not that keen on attending so called networking events; the desperate pursuing the disinterested whilst being watched by the desolate. Quel horreur! But if you have to attend here are 5 simple rules you

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