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One big reason people underachieve in business (plus the remedy)

In today’s business world everybody is busy with day-to-day stuff. All urgent and all in our faces. Emails, mobile phones, social media and back-to-back meetings might make you feel busy but there’s a downside to this. A MASSIVE downside! In

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When you’re up to your ar5e in alligators…

Are you a leader still doing too many things you shouldn’t? If you are this might help.

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An often over-looked way to super-motivate your team…

This is a guest post by Adrian Mansfield who is International Associate Director for the recruitment firm Jonathan Lee. In my very humble opinion in today’s world of full inboxes, heavy schedules and tight deadlines we just don’t celebrate wins

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Why Every Win Deserves Recognition If Not A Party!

Here’s a funny thing. A friend of mine recently implemented an enormous Internet based computer system for his client a large retail company in the UK. His team had worked miracles to deliver the thing within the expected time and

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Working ‘On’ Not Just ‘In’ Your Business

So it’s another Monday; the start to another week. I wonder how many of us turn up at work and just sort of drift into the week. You know, pick up our emails (a classic week-starter), scan over our calendars

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Great Communication: The Power of Rhetoric

I enjoy speaking and writing. I know I’m not brilliant at either but it doesn’t make any difference to me: I am good enough to get by and I enjoy it. Moreover this kind of Showcasing is a vital part

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