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Nothing great grows in your comfort zone

Is your comfort zone holding you back? Is it time to move out of yours

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Is It Really Worth Having A Mentor?

Short answer is yes, but here’s a slightly longer one. My first mentor was Mike Sparkes who started as my agent when I was freelance but ended up my friend and business partner before his untimely death aged 38. During

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Vampires, Vanillas and Voltages

I have found that there are three kinds of people in life: – Vampires¬†– who suck the joy out of your life and the energy from your very soul. Think: negative, critical, snide, arrogant, know-it-all, taker, won’t listen, exploitative, secretive,

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Lift Morale, Team Spirit And Performance With No Investment

Here’s a thing. Just before Christmas I was the keynote speaker at the Eversheds IT conference in Birmingham. The event was a combination of me speaking, which took up most of the afternoon, some group work, a couple of excellent

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