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Keep Your Business Development Ticking Over In Only 20 Minutes A Day

Podcast 1 – What Is The Real Problem?   Podcast 2 – What Is The Solution?   Podcast 3 – Using CRM To Manage Your Sales Activities   Podcast 4 – Using LinkedIn As A Way of Interacting With Your

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Business Development For Busy People

This ebook has been written for people who have to sell into medium to large firms and feel they are not winning the amount of business that they would like. Whether you are a full-time sales person or a professional services provider

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Tutorial 1 – How To Fit BD Into Your Hectic Working Day

For some people having a job to do which brings in the revenue or the keeps the boss happy isn’t enough; they also have to win new clients and cultivate existing ones. But how can you find the time for

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Got a suspicion that holding corporate events is a waste of time and money?

You and me too dear reader. I went to a wine tasting event run by a city lawyer recently. I had a great time but I’m not sure they got value for money from the event. Consider this little lot

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The Top 3 Reasons Why CRM Implementations Fail

One sure sign that a sales team cannot be serious about winning new business is their lack of commitment to a credible CRM system. In other words they do not depend on CRM in the same way that they depend

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LinkedIn Groups – Why Are They Soooooo Powerful?

Imagine being able to drop into a coffee shop comfortable in the knowledge that everybody in there was interested in the same thing that you are. What could you hope to gain apart from a caffeine-rush? Well for a start

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So Even Carpet Fitters Can Differentiate Themselves: I Don’t Believe It!

This is a true story given to me by Les Philips of Index Wealth Management. Thank you Les, much appreciated. A few years ago Les had two Italian brothers as clients who lived in St Helens, Lancashire and were owner-managers of

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Business Development? I Would But I Don’t Have The Time

I think that time management must be the most written about business topic of them all. Millions of words and thousands of books all dedicated to helping us make the most of our available time. And yet still most of us feel

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Business Development: Ever Wondered Why People Buy From You?

Strange really. We all buy things every day whether it’s a sandwich at lunchtime, petrol for your car or a £4m computer system the process is pretty similar but what makes us do it? Let’s explore this aspect of business development it

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