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Why Every Win Deserves Recognition If Not A Party!

Here’s a funny thing. A friend of mine recently implemented an enormous Internet based computer system for his client a large retail company in the UK. His team had worked miracles to deliver the thing within the expected time and

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Having No Regrets: Buy Expertise When You Need It

I vividly recall having a discussion at school with Mr Orme, one of my very favourite teachers ever, on the subject of regret. He had been in the Eighth Army in North Africa during the second world war and had

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Is This The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Published?

I think it might be. You might not agree but I feel that the next few minutes could have a profound effect upon your life. Why are you successful sometimes and not at others? Why do you have periods when

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Beating Your Targets: An Alternative View

In 1954 Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile; an achievement most people at the time considered to be impossible. Barely 6 weeks later this record was broken again by a Finn and within 12 months another 3 runners had

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