Still Not Started To Blog Your Way To Business Development Heaven Yet?

i-love-bloggingSo. You have read my previous blog on using blogging to help in your business development activities but you still haven’t taken the plunge yet. I wonder why? Here are a few guesses…..

  1. I might blog something that will make me look foolish. Well, in the first instance deal with it. Secondly, from time to time we all say things we regret but unlike the spoken word you can always delete a blog post and besides part of being in the new world is saying what’s on your mind and not just producing so much middle-of-the-road pap.
  2. Despite what you say I will not have enough material. You will I promise. Here’s a test for you to try out over the coming few days. Everytime you have a conversation, read something or watch something ask yourself “is there a single 300 word message in that?” Stop when you reach double figures.
  3. I don’t have time. Yes you do. When you settle down you will find that something will occur to you; you will take a little time to cogitate and then a quick flourish of fingers and keys and shazam! It’s ready to post. Also, the more you post the faster you’ll get.
  4. Everything I write has to be earth-shattering. No it doesn’t. Anything that makes people think a little differently or gives them one simple thing to take away and experiment with is more than good enough.

So remember: establish your credentials, make yourself stand out, get discovered, become a recognised expert, make contact and add value to the people that matter to you  – all of these things can be achieved though a half decent blog.

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