Short of time? 5 Quick Ways to use Twitter to Help Business Development

TwitterTwitter has a number of uses: marketing, research, sales, communication, branding to name but a few. But the big challenge is making the time to Tweet to help your business development endeavours when you are overloaded.

People who use Twitter to engage clients and generate revenue seem to Tweet several times an hour so what can the hard-pressed professional person do that will be of any benefit to them.

Here are 5 things to remember: –

  • You don’t have the time to be a volume provider so don’t try. Go for quality not quantity.
  • Create a list of those Tweeps who consistently provide interesting Tweets. View the list once a day and retweet the best of them.
  • Even if you publish a blog follow several others and make sure you Tweet the best of them to your followers.
  • Create a second list of people you want to be in contact with (potential clients and influencers) and retweet, reply, acknowledge and mention them. You stand a chance of being noticed this way.
  • If you establish an e-rapport with one of your targets invite them to join you on LinkedIn where you will be able to contact them directly.

Of course there are more productive ways to use Twitter but if you are really short of time they are probably not open to you. This approach only requires a few minutes a day but if used consistently will produce a steady stream of contacts for you to develop.

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