How to get through to a decision maker – plain and simple!

I think this is one of the biggest challenges for anybody wanting to build new relationships: actually getting the attention of the decision maker.

They’re well protected and aren’t really interested in spending time with anybody they don’t already know so how can you break through?

In this short video I’ll tell you one thing that 99.9% of people just won’t do and yet it very often works!

That other blog post I mentioned in the video is here. It tells you how by investing only 20 seconds of your time (that’s not a typo BTW) you can considerably speed up the contact-to-client conversion process; sometimes by months!

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4 comments on “How to get through to a decision maker – plain and simple!
  1. Hi Mike, Thanks – I’ve done this in the past and it did work. It’s useful to be reminded about the basics from time to time.

    • Mike Ames says:

      It’s weird really but it does work more times than it doesn’t. Just finished running a campaign for a client worth some snail-mail in it – great results!

  2. Thom Gibbons says:

    Thanks Mike, I am going to use this, I just hope the standard of my handwriting doesn’t let me down, with using tech all the time I am sure it is getting worse! Keep the great content coming.

  3. Mike Ames says:

    If you try a few variations one of them will work for you Thom – glad you liked it. More posts on the way! Oh, and get the person with the best handwriting in the office to write them out – doesn’t have to be you.

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