Installing A ‘Revenue Factory’ V2

Installing A ‘Revenue Factory’

In Your Business


Welcome back

So, it is my understanding that if you are on this page, this means you already watched the video I made about the Revenue Factory and you now want to know exactly how you install it in your own business. Is that correct?

If it is correct, as I explained on the previous page, there are basically twelve different steps or “phases” you must pass through to reach true exponential growth using my model.

Here is an overview of these twelve phases, exactly as I implement them with my clients:


AKA: How To Prepare Your Business For High-Speed Profit Windfalls

This is where we put the infrastructures in place that you need to support exponential growth. It includes “installing” prospect management and conversion systems and setting up the framework for The Revenue Factory. After all. you can’t construct a great building on weak foundations!



AKA: How To “Magnetically” Attract Hundreds Of “High Quality” Leads… Without Cold Calls Or Marketing

In this phase we install the “magnetic lead attraction” systems that will supply you with all the qualified leads you need… without cold calls or outrageous marketing budgets.



AKA: How To Start A Conversation With A Prospect… Even If They Have No Interest In Talking With You Whatsoever!

This is where we build your toolbox of powerful latch-keys and door-openers that practically force your prospects to listen to whatever you have to say and engage in a conversation with you! Nice.



AKA: “How To Eliminate 97% Of Your Competition… Even If Business Isn’t ‘Different’ Or ‘Unique’”

In this phase we will make a few simple tweaks to your business that will instantly differentiate you from your competition. This is particularly useful if you sell a commodity, or if you are in an “incestuous market” where all your competitors more or less sell the same thing.

In fact, I think this could very well be the most important phase in the entire transformation process! One of the things it does is reveal a special formula you can use to engineer a very certain type of “value proposition” for your business. These value propositions (or “wow offerings”) are so irresistible, your prospects will literally be attracted to your business the same way a bright light attracts a moth…



AKA: “How To Create A Powerful Collection Of Sales Tools and Materials That Will ‘Indoctrinate’ Your Prospects, Again And Again And Again”

Here we develop your arsenal of “killer” sales tools, collateral and prospect “mind reading” techniques that you will use again and again to manufacture a burning desire within your prospects, almost like clockwork. These are the exact tools I use to help even ordinary salespeople deliver extraordinary results.



AKA: “The Phase Where We Catch Our Breath… And… Make Sure We Don’t Outgrow Our Newly Found Strength!”

In this phase we take a bit of a breather. We’ve come a long was so far, so what we do here is we consolidate the systems we’ve already installed in your business… and add a few more “advanced” tactics that will take everything up another gear!



AKA: “How To Successfully Pitch, Negotiate And “Close” Your Contacts … And… Turn Any ‘Ordinary’ Sales Person… Into… A SUPER Sales Person!”

You’re not going to believe your eyes when you get to this section! This is where we install the processes that will predictably, reliably and “naturally” turn your prospects into customers… right into the brains of your sales people! These processes include some of the most persuasive methods I know to getting exactly what you want when it comes to pitching, negotiating and closing your leads.

When deployed, these systems completely negate the need for prima donna sales “superstars”. On the other hand, if your sales process lacks even one of them, it can kill sales potential faster than anything else out there.



AKA: “How To Squeeze Maximum Money From Your Clients Once You’ve Got Them (While Providing Exceptional Value & Service)”

This is where a lot of businesses mess up. They focus all their efforts on getting new clients, while ignoring the “easy” profits lying two-foot deep in their back garden! On the other hand, if you use just one third of the techniques you are going to discover in this phase, you could easily boost your average customer value by as much as 20-30% … and still preserve your margins.

I’m also going to show you my all-time favourite way of getting new business, that virtually nobody even thinks about. The reason it is my all-time favourite way of getting new business is because it’s so easy, I still have a hard time believing it actually works! You’ll see what I mean when you use it yourself. But I can almost guarantee you’re gonna kick yourself over and over for not thinking of it before…



AKA: “How To Find And Recruit People Who Will Build Your Empire For You… Without Having To Rely On So-Called “Super-Sales People” (Who Are As Rare As Hens Teeth)”

We’re not looking for super-sales people who can single-handedly double your turnover in the blink of an eye. News flash guys: they’re almost impossible to find… hard to manage… and even harder to keep! No, we’re looking for a different type of sales person.

I’m going to show you how to find and recruit these people and then get them up and running in no time at all. I’ll also give you a sneaky recruitment tip (picked up from my 15 years in the recruitment biz) that will literally save you thousands of pounds each time you use it.



AKA: “How To Create A Business That Literally Grows Itself”

So you’ve assembled your team. Good job! But now you need to get them all fired up, so they deliver extraordinary results.

In this phase I share with you my very best ideas on how to get the best possible performance out of your staff. In fact, many of these ideas are already being deployed by the likes of Virgin, Apple, Evernote and dozens of other Fortune 500 companies to create loyal, devoted teams who buy into your vision and are fit to grow your empire. And now it’s your turn to do the same…



AKA: “How To Sell Your Business For More Than It’s Worth”

When I sold my business I got 35% more for it than similar businesses were being sold for at the time. In this phase I show you exactly how I did it (along with all the insider tips for getting above pro-rata). You only sell your business once so make sure you don’t leave any money in the buyer’s pocket!

And for those of you who think your sale is “miles off yet” here’s the skinny: if you want to max out the value of your business start the prep work 2, 3 or even 4 years in advance. I learned these lessons the hard way… I actually could have got another £3 million for my company if I’d known and used what I’m going to share with you here.



AKA: “How To Stay One Step Ahead Of The Competition… Forever”

Finally, your Revenue Factory is complete! By now your new Revenue Factory should already be delivering huge results for your business. But this is just the beginning, not the end.

In this final stage, I give you my 5-point plan to help you constantly innovate, refine and improve your business keeping you ahead of the pack where the real money is. Onwards and upwards!


OK, that’s it! As you can see, by the time you pass through these 12 stages you will have completely reconstructed your business from the ground up. That’s all there is to it. If you follow these twelve steps, at the end of it, you’ll have nothing less than a lean, mean, bone fide sales machine!

If you move fast and have the proper guidance, each phase can usually be done in about two weeks or so. Naturally, what that means, of course, is that after 90 days of graft…


Your Business Will Run On The
Exact Same Mechanisms That Have Brought In
Over $280m For My Own Businesses Alone!


Now, if you are trying to grow your business in record speed and this doesn’t excite you… you must be absolutely out of your mind!

But make no mistake… this is a serious system for a small, select group of serious entrepreneurs. And I make no bones about it: if you want me to help you build your own Revenue Machine, my fees are very expensive.

For example, in a private consulting environment, it usually takes about a day to go through each of the twelve steps with my clients. So that’s twelve days of consulting for the whole thing.

Nowadays, my day rate is £5,000 a day.

As such, implementing The Revenue Factory is not cheap. So you have to be very certain this is the best option for your business before you decide to build your own Revenue Machine.

But what if you don’t have the £60k lying around? Have I left you high and dry?

Well, until very recently, unless you could afford the £60,000 fee to work with me personally (or the £6,000 a year fee to join one of my private coaching groups)… the answer would have been yes.

However, very recently, this has all changed. That’s because, on 10th March 2015, I opened…


The Revenue Factory
ONLINE Growth Academy


I’ve been working on the Academy for over four years now, to get everything right.

The idea is you enrol in the Academy and get access to a complete online training programme that gives you a step-by-step “construction kit” to build your own Revenue Factory… right out of the box!

The programme is split into twelve modules, one module for each of the twelve phases I described to you. Each module includes video tutorials (there are over 24 hours of video in total)… blueprints… formulas and checklists that work for every single type of B2B business there is.

You also get my best “fill in the blank templates” to get you going in the fastest time possible… and even pre-made resources you can “steal” and plug directly into your business.

All in all, it was my aim to make The Revenue Factory Online Growth Academy the closest thing I could get to handing you a “Revenue Factory In-A-Box”, and I believe I have achieved that. Something you can simply plug in to your business and… POOF! Exponential growth.

Now, I can’t promise you that will definitely happen for you straight away because that would be irresponsible. I also have to point out that as good as it sounds, you will have to put some work in if you want to install all of these millionaire-making secrets into your business. Finally, some of the changes we make will be radical… so it’s very important you are willing to roll up your sleeves and follow my instructions to the letter if you want to be successful.

However, if you are undeterred, membership of The Revenue Factory Online Growth Academy is just £97 plus VAT per month*. The monthly subscription gives you access to the programme modules which are released on a monthly basis, allowing you to access to the instructional videos and downloadable notes and templates to train your staff with.

So that’s 12 x monthly instalments of just £97 (plus VAT), to give you access to the programme.

I Want In – Sign Me Up


Anyway, I know this is a ridiculously good deal if there ever was one. But in the interest of being as fair as possible, let’s take a moment to look at your other choices.


Things You Could Do If You Do Not
Decide To Sign Up For “The Revenue Factory”


• You could fork out top whack for a “super-salesman” (if you can somehow find one), and hope it pays off and he doesn’t take his customers with him if it does.

• You could pour £40,000- £60,000 into a Madison Avenue Ad Agency and have them “rebrand” your business, give you a shiny new logo and a flashy website.

• You could book a few days with a “cheap”, inexperienced consultant and let them “practice” on your business. Maybe £1,500 – £2,000.

Of course, you can take all these risks and try all the gimmicks until you are blue in the face. But save your money! Because when you have the $280m processes of the Revenue Factory installed in your business… all of that hogwash will be completely redundant.

And hear this: none of those other options will do what I will do which is…


For A Limited Time I’m Offering

A 14-day Free Trial Of

The Foundation Module

Of The Revenue Factory Programme… And..

Access To The Programme At

A Special Discounted Subscription

Rate Of £97.00* Per Month

OK, I know what you’re thinking: you’re probably wondering how I can make such a ridiculously good offer when chances are, we’ve never met. Well, let me tell you something. I may be optimistic, but I’m not a fool.

Maybe I don’t have an alphabet soup of qualifications before my name or even, for that matter, a relevant college degree. But let me ask you this…


How Many Of Those Harvard Graduates
Or Self-Appointed “Experts” Have Brought In
$280m In Sales Like I Have?


Listen: The Revenue Factory works. There’s no doubt about it. There’s no way I could have gotten 27 years of success and all those high-profile clients if it didn’t. So if you install my proven methods and processes into your business you will see results.

But nonetheless, I have another trick up my sleeve. A “secret weapon” if you will, that will make it even more certain you will see an immediate return on your investment in those first 30 days!

And that secret weapon is my brand new, never before released booster training…


The Mike Ames
“Quick Win Sales Tactics”!


You see, what I did was I sat down and asked myself… “What are my five best sales tactics I can give people that are practically guaranteed to bring them instant results, right up front”?

What are the five ideas I have seen work over and over again… in my 27-years of “in the trenches” sales experience… that can be plugged into practically any business and produce measurable returns in the fastest time possible?

Well it wasn’t straightforward by any means… but I think I got ‘em!

These “Quick Win Sales Tactics” (as I call them) are easy. Each one can be explained in fifteen minutes or less, and can be directly implemented in your business in just an hour or two. And, if you follow my instructions, I can quite literally guarantee you will recoup the money you paid in the first thirty days or less (probably much less).

And one more thing while I’m on a roll. When you sign up to The Revenue Factory Online Growth Academy, you also get free access to our webinar programme (a chance to interact with me live on air) and automatically earn a 20% discount from any of our live shows!

We also run a focus-forum to give you a chance to interact with the ever-growing Revenue Factory community. This is a phenomenal opportunity to network with a bunch of other super-smart business owners (and think where that might lead to).

But to hell with more of a “sales pitch”. It’s true, I love selling. And The Revenue Factory Online Growth Academy is – quite frankly – the greatest product I have ever sold. But, to put it bluntly, if you can’t get it from what I’ve already written, then maybe you’re simply not ready to load your business up with rocket fuel just yet.

And that’s OK. I understand. But, on the other hand, if you are finally ready to get your business out of third gear and straight into rapid-growth mode… then…


Here’s What To Do Next!


Enrol now and start your 14 day free trial of module 1. Watch all the videos. “Steal” all my templates, formulas and checklists. Take the five Quick Win Sales Tactics and put them to work for you a.s.a.p.

You only get a 14 day free trial, but if you continue with the programme and if in the first 30 days you are not stone cold convinced that the systems you are installing in your business are worth at least 20X the money you paid… just email me personally at [email protected], and I’ll immediately refund your first month’s subscription fee in full.

In other words… if the Revenue Factory doesn’t come good on ALL the promises I’ve made in this article… you’ll the first month’s membership free. And, as a bonus, you still get to keep all the materials from the training!

There’s literally nothing to lose. In fact, I really don’t think I could possibly make this any better for you. After all, all the risk is on me, and I’m absolutely fine with that… because… The Revenue Factory just plain works (and I’ve got the $280,000,000.00 track record to prove it!).

So with this in mind, what are you waiting for?

Sign Me Up – 14 Day Free Trial Included

You can benefit from our No Risk trial membership and test drive the Revenue Factory for free for 14 days without paying a penny. No payment will be taken until the free trial period has ended. There is no lock in period and you can cancel your membership at any time.

Plus you also get the peace of mind that your payment is processed in the understanding that if you are unsatisfied for any reason (including no reason at all), you are entitled to a full and immediate refund within the first 30 days (which is more than enough time to go through the first module in the programme and begin to set up your own Revenue Factory from scratch).

OK – that’s it for now! Enough talk… more action! I’ll see you on the other side!

Happy hunting,

Mike Signature






Mike Ames

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P.S. If you’ve got any questions before you start, send Melanie (my PA), an email at [email protected]. Melanie has been my “right hand woman” for the past eight years, and was involved at every step of the process when designing The Revenue Factory Online. So her word is golden, and she will definitely be able to help you out. And I’m more than happy to chat with you on the phone if you’d like more details. Just schedule a time with Melanie.

* Special discounted membership rate of £97.00 + VAT available for a limited time. Normal membership rate £147.00 + VAT per month).



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