Flair Online Growth Academy

Many companies aren’t actually in control of how their business grows. They rely on referrals, which come or they don’t, or expensive marketing channels which in a B2B world are becoming increasingly useless. But without hiring a costly business growth consultant how could your organisation take full control of how it grows?

The answer could be the Flair Online Growth Academy: a 12 step plan designed to transform your business growth capability.  We provide a proven yet straightforward approach called an Active Sales Environment which can systematically grow your business by making use of the very latest sales tools, techniques and technologies.


What will you gain from the Programme?

Business DevelopmentThe main benefit of implementing an Active Sales Environment in your organisation is that it puts you firmly in control of how your business grows:

  • Consistently identify and make contact with ideal prospective clients for your business.
  • Stand out from your competitors for the right reasons.
  • Convert prospects into clients in the shortest possible time.
  • Maximise the revenues from your clients whilst also protecting them from competitor attack.
  • Prove  to  a  prospective buyer of the firm that growth is driven more by processes than people, thus maximising its value.
  • Gain visibility over your sales and marketing activities reducing the risk of a sales downturn.
  • Significantly improve your online image and use of social media
  • Get more bangs from your BD bucks!


Who Will Benefit?

The programme is designed for two different and yet very complimentary types of people:-

  • Business owners who have a small, or non-existent BD team.
  • BD leaders who have a wealth of marketing experience,  but lack the necessary hands-on sales experience to transform their organisation to be sales led.

In either case your firm will be a B2B company, selling products or services to other businesses.

We have also identified a number of triggers, which if they apply to you, would indicate that the Flair Online Growth Academy will probably be of use to you and should perhaps be investigated further.

  • Growth:  your business is not growing as fast as you would like and you know it can do more.
  • Margins: your margins are being eroded and long-standing clients increasingly want more.
  • Business sale:  you want to sell your business at some point but recognise that if you are seen to be playing a key role in winning and keeping clients it will detract from its price and attractiveness.
  • Control:  you feel that growth happens in a haphazard way rather than you making it happen when and where you want.
  • Waste:  you are unhappy with the money you spend on traditional marketing without being able to measure the results of your investment.
  • Visibility:  you lack the BD visibility to make the right decisions for your business.

Put bluntly you feel you’re not as much in control of how your business grows as you know you should be and you want to do something about it.


How Does The Programme Work?

  • Runs over 12 months so you aren’t pressured into making changes when you don’t have enough time and resources to do so.
  • Each month we introduce the next collection of proven sales tools, techniques and processes to help you move closer to having a fully deployed Active Sales Environment.
  • Is supported by extensive online videos, podcasts and downloads; detailed notes; proven techniques and easy-to-use tools that you can share with your team.



By subscription – 12 month programme with each module released on a monthly basis.  Cost £150.00 + VAT per month