A proven way to get more people to return your calls

Voicemails: would you like more people to call you back?

I think voicemail is the scourge of modern business. So frustrating when we really need to speak to somebody and all we get is a recorded message.

Some people even use them as a sort of PA to filter out the calls they don’t want. Understandable but very annoying.

The question is: how can you increase the number of call-backs you get?

In this short video I’m going to share a secret that I was taught years ago and it really works!

Here we go then…

As always, if you have found this useful (or even if you haven’t) I’d love you to leave a comment.

Thanks in advance guys.

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2 comments on “A proven way to get more people to return your calls
  1. ChrisWeston says:

    What a handy tip re pre-warning about the number at the end. Nice one 🙂

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