LinkedIn Tip: make your headline work for you

My LinkedIn Headline

My LinkedIn Headline

You have 120 characters in your LinkedIn Headline so why not use them?

Many people just use their job title but I suggest you include a little more: –

  • Job Title
  • Who you work with
  • The outcome of using you

As you can see from mine when your name appears in a LinkedIn or Google search it’s your headline that stands out most and many people will decide whether to look at your profile (or not) based upon what it says.

To change it just click on Edit Profile (displayed when you move your cursor over Profile on the LinkedIn menu bar) and then click on the pen next to your headline as shown below.

How to change your Headline

How to change your Headline

For the sake of a few minutes why not present yourself to the world in a more positive and informed way. You know it makes sense!

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