Is the big Video Myth holding you back?

Video MythHere’s the deal.

Most people don’t use videos in their business because they believe they have to be slick and professionally produced (fancy music, graphics, actors and so on) so will be expensive.


Sure, if you’re looking for a video for your homepage it’s probably better to invest a bit more cash but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about using video as a sales tool i.e. one step away from the money!

So let’s just explore whether video has a part in the modern business developer’s tool-bag *original research by Ivodo corporation

  • 52% of marketers report video as providing their best ROI
  • Video in email can boost open rates by 20% and click-thrus by 200%
  • 93% of online marketers use video in their campaigns (because it works)

So clearly it does.

Next let’s look at the 7 best uses of videos as selling tools.

  1. Testimonials: less than 60 seconds of up to 3 named clients saying how fabulous you are.
  2. Case-studies: much longer videos that run through key aspects of a client experience. Again making you look fabulous.
  3. Video blogs (Vlogs): 4 minutes talking about a subject your audience wants to hear about.
  4. Introductions: a bespoke video to introduce yourself to a new client that they can see you’ve produced just for them.
  5. Promo: for a talk or seminar which explains why people should attend and what you’ll be covering.
  6. Launches: great way to explain a compelling offer to your clients and prospects.
  7. Products: somebody just answering the questions who is this for, what does it do and how is it different.

All of these need to be under-produced almost as if somebody has whipped out their smartphone and just filmed it there and then.

People with much more money and time than us (American online marketers) have researched this and discovered that “informal is more authentic”

We all know authenticity sells!

But surely it’s expensive to get started. Depends on what you think is expensive. You can buy all the equipment you need, including editing software, for about £1000.

Click here to download a free list of the equipment we use. Important: we are not endorsing or recommending these products in any way.

Next myth “It must be hard to master”. Sure it is if you want to produce BBC quality videos, but we don’t.

To begin with video things around the office on your smartphone. Embrace the failure and enjoy the experience. Your knowledge will grow and so will your confidence.

You can also watch other people’s videos. Check out Jeff Walker’s video blog for a start.

Once you have video material you can promote it via social media, you can add it to your website and you can even email it directly to recipients who you want to communicate with.

So let me just summarise then.

  • Under-produced sales videos are cheaper and more effective that over-produced ones.
  • Video is a powerful sales tool.
  • You can almost certainly afford it.
  • With a little practice it’s easy to reach the necessary competency levels.
  • You can promote video in loads of ways.

Maybe I should have produced this blog in video format. Nah, going for the ironic twist.

So my closing advice is to switch your smartphone camera to “video” and get cracking.

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