How to win enough lost revenue to choke a Minke Whale

Sweep up missed revenueWhen you meet a prospect who could buy what you sell there are only three possibilities: –

  1. They are ready to buy now
  2. They might buy later when the time is right
  3. They will never buy from you for a host of reasons

Most sales people I know are pretty good with the first group.

They’re also good at ignoring the third group.

But the second group is often just plain ignored. Millions in lost revenue simply because sales people fail to keep in touch until the time is right.

You might doubt this but cast your mind back to the last event or trade show you attended.

When you got back did you sort out the business cards you collected? One or two to follow up immediately; many to throw away and the rest to sit on your desk for a bit before being put into a draw somewhere to gather dust?

Group number 2 probably has more potential revenue in it than group number 1 it’s just that there’s a good reason why they can’t buy now. One day that reason will disappear and then somebody will make the sale. Why not you?

So here are 10 things you can do to keep the relationship going until it’s buying time!

  1. Ask if they’d like to be subscribed to your e-newsletter
  2. Connect with them on LinkedIn and interact with them
  3. Follow them on Twitter and interact with them
  4. Email over a link to an interesting blog you’ve written or found.
  5. Invite them to an event you’re attending or running.
  6. Ask them to contribute to a brief telephone survey you’re doing
  7. Put a Google Alert on them and their company and reach out to them when it comes up (email/LinkedIn/Twitter).
  8. Call them just to see how they are.
  9. Ask if you could interview them for a blog post you’re writing.
  10. Introduce them to somebody who you know they would find valuable.

Here’s my advice: put a reminder on your CRM system to do one of the above every 3 months and when the time seems right ask for a meeting.

No effort, hardly any time but lots to play for – simples!

Want to smash this years’ targets? Keep in touch with Group number 2!

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