How to hunt more new clients when you have no time

There’s one challenge that almost all of us who have to win new clients face constantly: finding the time to do it.

Well, as it happens there’s also a common bear-trap that most of us fall into which stops us from making that call or sending that email.

In this video I’ll explain what this bear trap is and how to avoid it.

Being effective at winning new clients but without having to spend big blocks of time doing it? Absolutely.

Have a watch and I’d be very grateful if you’d leave me a comment below, if you have time.

In this blog post I’ll explain one small cheat that makes it easier to speak with your prospects even when they’re protected by a fierce gatekeeper! Click here to learn more.

And click here and select Tutorial 6, if you want the free tutorial I mention in the video.

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3 comments on “How to hunt more new clients when you have no time
  1. Richard Osborn says:

    Nice lounge Mike! Seriously, great advice as always. Must catch up soon for a DBC! Cheers. Richard

  2. Tim Graylen says:

    Completely agree with your comments on new sales activity Mike. Early morning calls are more effective. I also find using technology saves me time and allows me to focus on the core aspects of my role. Regards, Tim

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