How to get more out of any course you attend

Flair GremlinAll of us have a little gremlin sitting on our shoulders. It’s there to help us, well it believes it is.

It doesn’t want us to fail: bad for our ego; others will laugh at us; we’ll look weak and foolish – better not to fail.

But the only way not to fail is not to try something new – the gremlin knows this.


Every time we’re faced with a ‘change’ situation (such as a training course) it whispers into our ear: –

  • “That doesn’t apply to us”
  • “We don’t have the time to try that”
  • “Let’s not, we might fail”
  • “Now isn’t the right time for us”
  • “We already do that”
  • And, then the day after we decided to give it a go “On second thoughts…”

If you want to learn and change and improve my advice is lock up your gremlin.

It likes the status quo just fine – question is: do you?

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