How A Small Difference Can Have A Massive Effect

Did you know that humans and chimpanzees have only a 2% difference in DNA. In 2005 the University of Washington in Seattle sequenced the genome of our furry forebear and found him to be more of a sibling than an ancestor.

But that 2% difference accounts for penicillin, the space shuttle, computers, the Eiffel Tower and liquid soap whilst our hapless cousins continue to swing around in trees and throw poop at each other.

It just goes to show a little difference in composition can make a huge difference in production.

Why is this useful then?

Well, when we are trying to set ourselves apart from our competitors and rivals we always imagine  we have to be vastly different – we don’t. A little more organised; a little more proactive, a little more creative, attentive, focused, reliable and visible all add up to a very different person to the one that can’t be bothered.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Look for small differences and nail them.

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