Fat CRM Data – The Stuff That Really Counts!

Fat CRM DataSo you are running a CRM system and not really getting the most out of it.

In fact having to keep it up to date is such a useless occupation you don’t really bother despite the haranguing you get from the IT or marketing department: it just isn’t worth the bother.

Quite frankly I don’t blame you but could you be missing a trick?

Most successful sales comes from a relationship: yours with the key decision makes and influencers. Like any relationship there must be an element of rapport and mutual liking but also you need to take an interest in the other person and vice versa. This is where Fat CRM Data comes in.

Let me explain; thin CRM data are things like contact details, meeting notes, activity history, planned future actions and so on. Fat CRM Data relate to the person themselves and typically would be the following: –

  • Their interests inside and outside of work
  • What food and drink they like
  • When they prefer to be contacted during the day (usually early or late)
  • If they prefer to see you for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or a “cheeky half” after work
  • The name of their PA
  • What their business and personal goals are
  • What their business and personal challenges (problems in none-PC speak) are

Now this is the kind of information that makes a difference during the conversion phase of the sales journey and after they become a client to keep the relationship going.

Looking out for blog posts, interesting web sites, what their competitors are doing all based on Fat CRM Data will mean something to them and therefore will feed the relationship.

When you want to connect with them outside of work picking a time and location that they prefer will decrease the chance of it being cancelled.

Most importantly of all introducing them to other people who can help them to achieve their goals or ease their problems is a very powerful relationship builder.

I am all for CRM systems and I rely totally on mine for all my BD activities but of all the data I keep about my prospects and my clients it is the Fat CRM Data that is the most valuable.

Is it time to rethink your use of CRM and “Get Fatter”?

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