8 comments on “10 reasons why emailing a prospect can be an epic fail
  1. Andrew Gibson says:

    Could not agree more Mike, too easy to hide behind sending an email. Of course getting through to the right person on the phone is a skill, in itself. Andrew

    • Mike Ames says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there Andrew “hiding behind email”. Probably should have called the blog that. Thanks for the comment

  2. Carl Bagshaw says:

    So true Mike, unfortunately the art of communication seems to be a thing of the past.

    • Mike Ames says:

      Thanks for the comment Carl. The thing is, email is so easy to do: type in a message and press send. The only thing you haven’t actually completed the task; you’ve just handed control of it to somebody else who may not be as keen to close a deal as you are. Want to get a result? Pick up the phone then!

  3. DES PONSONBY says:

    yes Mike so true, now tell us how to get our phone calls answered because that causes more frustration!

    • Mike Ames says:

      Challenge accepted Des. That will be the subject of next week’s blog (probably in video format actually – it will work better).

  4. David Fowler says:

    This makes perfect sense, recently we have had to contact every customer and prospect due to losing 2 of our 3 domain names thus our email addresses as well. The easy thing is to send an email to explain what has happened but I have had far more success when following up with a phone call. I just wish buyers didn’t use the “Send me an email” line… you know it is going to be ignored/unread until eventual deletion. It is far too easy to send an email and think that the job is done. Great blog Mike.

    • Mike Ames says:

      Thank you David. I think the key part of your comment for me was “It is far too easy to send an email and the think the job is done.” Soooo true David.

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