Don’t be backward in coming forward

Sales OpportunityToo many people in sales do this and lose money as a result. Let me give you an example.

True story.

I wanted to hire a person to help me on a project we were working on. As luck would have it the very next day (literally) somebody followed me on Twitter with the skills and experience we wanted.

I followed her back and sent her a DM pointing out only the previous day we’d identified a need for somebody like her.

She replied by saying it was serendipity. I waited, expectantly.

Surely the next message would be “tell me more” or maybe “I don’t work with low-life sales consultants like you” or something. But no. complete radio silence.

We hired somebody else.

If the signs are there don’t be backward in coming forward. Engage by asking a question – it’s the first step to making a prospect into a client.


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