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Something you may not know about LinkedIn

Wondering how engaged your LinkedIn network is with your content? Probably a bigger percentage than you think.

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What you should post (and not post) on LinkedIn

What should post and not post on LinkedIn and why is posting so important anyway? Answers here….

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10 different types of LinkedIn status updates you can make

Realise that making LinkedIn status updates is a good thing but not sure what to write? Read this, it might help.

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LinkedIn Tip: make your headline work for you

You have 120 characters in your LinkedIn Headline so why not use them? Many people just use their job title but I suggest you include a little more: – Job Title Who you work with The outcome of using you As

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12 Things NOT To Do On LinkedIn

We all know that LinkedIn is an enormously powerful business tool and has now matured away from its “online CV” origins but are there any obvious bear-traps the hapless user can fall into? Yes there are and here’s 12 of

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4 Ways To Find And Connect With Prospective New Clients

In a previous post I put forward the idea that attending networking events to find and connect with new prospective clients was largely a waste of time. In this post I’m going to explore four alternatives that in my experience

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Why you should connect on LinkedIn to everybody in your organisation

I get asked the same question time and time again by my clients “why should I connect to my colleagues in the firm?” A fair question and one that has a resounding yet simple answer. I was recently asked it

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5 reasons why you should be on Twitter

Twitter is an invaluable tool for any organisation, whether it is a charity, SME or a large corporation.  Its free, wide reaching and can help you skip steps in the sales process.  If you aren’t on twitter here are 5

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LinkedIn Groups – Why Are They Soooooo Powerful?

Imagine being able to drop into a coffee shop comfortable in the knowledge that everybody in there was interested in the same thing that you are. What could you hope to gain apart from a caffeine-rush? Well for a start

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A Social Media Policy That Works (and isn’t there just to CYA)

These days most firms have a detailed social media policy for their staff. No doubt it will cover all the angles and is very handy in disciplinary procedures but is usually way too long to remember and so is of little practical

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