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A confusion that costs us money (and makes us unhappy)

There are two kinds of selling: transactional and relationship. A transactional sale takes place because there’s a need, a supplier, some money and a deal to be done. When that deal is done both parties go their separate ways. Think

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The Biggest Bear-trap you can fall into following an event

Timing is of the essence after an event, neglect to follow up promptly on the leads you have gathered, especially those who are in the buying zone, then you risk losing out.

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Do you know your clients as well as you think?

Should you get to know your clients on a personal level – yes you should, here’s why…

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What you should post (and not post) on LinkedIn

What should post and not post on LinkedIn and why is posting so important anyway? Answers here….

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How to seriously p1$$ off your clients

I sat down to write a blog about pitching this morning and then remembered I had to book my car in for repair. An hour later I’d abandoned the attempt and decided to write this blog instead because I’m seriously

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what is sales (and why “sales” is the wrong word for it)?

You have to sell as part of your job but you hate the word. Use these words instead. Much better.

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