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Can you over-process your sales team?

I know this might seem strange, based upon my obsession with using process and controls to create a scalable business, but it’s a valid question. Can you damage your sales function by having too much control and if so why?

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When you’re up to your ar5e in alligators…

Are you a leader still doing too many things you shouldn’t? If you are this might help.

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An often over-looked way to super-motivate your team…

This is a guest post by Adrian Mansfield who is International Associate Director for the recruitment firm Jonathan Lee. In my very humble opinion in today’s world of full inboxes, heavy schedules and tight deadlines we just don’t celebrate wins

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what is sales (and why “sales” is the wrong word for it)?

You have to sell as part of your job but you hate the word. Use these words instead. Much better.

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7 Strategies to Create Exponential Revenue Growth

How to I took a company from zero to £40m revenue in a decade. 7 Simple strategies that work!

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Proxy Measurements: How Some Numbers Can Be Misleading And Dangerous

People like numbers. Read a piece of text and our eyes are naturally drawn to any numbers it contains: percentages, ratios, fractions, money and even plain old numbers just draw us in. The problem is that some people use this

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Bryan Hughes Interview

Bryan Hughes is the CEO of the global law firm Eversheds. In this interview he speaks candidly about growth, the use of technology and the changing character of business development within his firm.

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The Top 10 TED Talks You Simply HAVE To Watch…..

So here they are; my top 10 TED videos (actually there are 11 of them and counting) and the reasons why you should check them out. Just on the off-chance that you don’t know what TED is it’s like YouTube

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Great Communication: The Power of Rhetoric

I enjoy speaking and writing. I know I’m not brilliant at either but it doesn’t make any difference to me: I am good enough to get by and I enjoy it. Moreover this kind of Showcasing is a vital part

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