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How to be effective in business in one word

When Bill Gates first met Warren Buffet a strange thing happened. Somebody who was also there asked them to write down the one thing that most contributed to their success. They both wrote the same word – FOCUS.

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It’s Easter – a time to reflect perhaps?

Are we as effective as we can be? That’s about doing the right things, right; right? (A big nod to Peter Drucker there). In other words: keeping on mission. So why don’t we do that then? Three reasons. 1 Sometimes

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How to get more out of any course you attend

All of us have a little gremlin sitting on our shoulders. It’s there to help us, well it believes it is. It doesn’t want us to fail: bad for our ego; others will laugh at us; we’ll look weak and

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A bear-trap we can all fall into when trying to improve

Almost everybody will be met with this urge when trying so hard to improve themselves

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Nothing great grows in your comfort zone

Is your comfort zone holding you back? Is it time to move out of yours

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One big reason people underachieve in business (plus the remedy)

In today’s business world everybody is busy with day-to-day stuff. All urgent and all in our faces. Emails, mobile phones, social media and back-to-back meetings might make you feel busy but there’s a downside to this. A MASSIVE downside! In

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3 things to coax people out of their comfort zone

The hardest part of moving people out of their comfort zones is getting them to take the first step, here’s a tip on how to make that happen.

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The Secret Power Of Persuasion

First thing to say this is not a political blog post but it does draw on the remarkable UK General Election of June 2017. Why did the Tories lose when they started off in such a super-strong position? How did

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Positive Deviation: how to massively improve anything

Positive deviation is a little know way of dramatically improving the performance of your team. Be ahead of the curve!

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5 proven tools to make you more productive online

Some free online tools to help you get more of your emails opened and blogs read.

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