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3 banging reasons everybody needs to blog

Considering writing a blog? Here are my top 3 reasons why you should dive right in and make a start.

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If you don’t play with fire you’re going to get burned

Playing with fire means you’re doing something different; something new, something that might fail at first. If you’re doing what you did last week, last month, last year you’re playing it too safe. Truth is, as you read this one

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The Secret Power Of Persuasion

First thing to say this is not a political blog post but it does draw on the remarkable UK General Election of June 2017. Why did the Tories lose when they started off in such a super-strong position? How did

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10 Ways To Make 2014 More Successful And Less Stressful Than 2013

It’s that time of year when some of us reflect on the year that has just passed and perhaps anticipate the year ahead. Well if you’re one of these people (I am has it happens) then perhaps this list will

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Why You Shouldn’t Take Fruit On Your Holidays…

Of course, the fruit I am alluding to are Apples (iPads or iPhones), Blackberry’s and Oranges (or any other network for that matter) and I am really talking about not using them for work purposes rather than as a way

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Is This The Most Important Blog Post I’ve Ever Published?

I think it might be. You might not agree but I feel that the next few minutes could have a profound effect upon your life. Why are you successful sometimes and not at others? Why do you have periods when

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Working ‘On’ Not Just ‘In’ Your Business

So it’s another Monday; the start to another week. I wonder how many of us turn up at work and just sort of drift into the week. You know, pick up our emails (a classic week-starter), scan over our calendars

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Yo Ho Ho And A Merry Christmas To One And All

This will be my last blog post  of 2012 and I just wanted to share a few reflections before I head off into the hinterland of food, drink and black and white movies on TV. To begin with I would

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Vampires, Vanillas and Voltages

I have found that there are three kinds of people in life: – Vampires – who suck the joy out of your life and the energy from your very soul. Think: negative, critical, snide, arrogant, know-it-all, taker, won’t listen, exploitative, secretive,

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5 Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd

This is nowhere near as hard as it sounds. Most professional service providers actually conform to a relatively common set of values: – Work hard and long hours: a big focus on hours worked Very focused on the here and

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