Can you grow your business on referrals alone?

Looking For Referrals

The truth is you can but it’s a risky, very risky, strategy.


Depending solely on referrals is risky because you can’t control the number, type, frequency or quality of the leads you receive.



You can decide not to run with a lead but you can’t make people refer potential clients in a specific sector or location. Neither can you dictate what they want to buy.

In short you aren’t in control of your business growth.

Following the crash of 2007 referrals for many people fell off a cliff and people really suffered.

The problem was they didn’t know how to go out and win new client’s themselves.

A bit like 3 months after a nuclear war when all the supermarkets have been emptied. Where’s the food coming from?

The answer is simple. Learn how to seek out and convert your own clients. Choose the prospects you want and go get ‘em.

Actually, nowhere near as hard as you think either!

We’ll be running a webinar on the subject of ‘Making Contacts With New Prospects‘ in September, you can save your spot here.


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