Business Development? I Would But I Don’t Have The Time

I think that time management must be the most written about business topic of them all. Millions of words and thousands of books all dedicated to helping us make the most of our available time. And yet still most of us feel we don’t have enough time to do everything we are responsible for.

So what makes me think I can add anything to this? Good question and I don’t really have an answer except that I am inherently lazy and prefer to have more me-time which has made me a little more focused on good time management than most.

So whether you want to make time for business development or just to go home early, get a load of this simple strategy that may help to ease the burden a little.

To make it work for you you need three things: –

  • Perseverance: until you get used to doing it
  • Courage: to give it a go even when it feels “wrong”
  • An absolute desire to be on top of your particular game
Here we go then. Whenever somebody asks you to do something or you have decided to do something on your own volition try asking yourself these three questions before you make a start: –
  1. Is this part of my job? I’m not suggesting you become a jobsworth but if you are working at capacity and you take on a task that is not your responsibility you’re asking for trouble and not doing anybody any favours. Is this task actually going to help you hit your objectives, reach your goals or meet your targets – if the answer is “no” don’t do it.
  2. What would happen if I didn’t do it? In many cases we never think about this and yet it is so important. If the answer is nothing much then don’t do it. I accept that every choice has a consequence but some consequences don’t matter a fig.
  3. Can I delegate this? So it is your responsibility but don’t panic yet; maybe somebody else can do it instead of you. Years ago an old boss of mine said “never do anything somebody on a lower pay-grade can do just as well”. Sound advice I’d say.
Now I realise that this simple strategy is not going to sweep away all your time management woes but seriously give it a go for a month and you will see some positive changes sometimes quite considerable ones at that. Or I guess you can just work late again tonight.

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