T7 – How To Use Twitter Lists


The thing about twitter that works against everybody who uses it is volume: volume of tweets, volume of information and volume of people, especially the people we’re following. One way to manage this situation is by using the Twitter Lists.

Essentially a Twitter List is a list of people on twitter that you group together and give a name to. SO for example you can have a list with all your clients in it; your competitors; people who consistently publish great tweets; funny twitterers or perhaps people who tweet about a subject you’re engaged with.

This means that instead of looking for something specific amongst your main feed and having to scroll through the multitude of irrelevant tweets to find what you want you simply click on the relevant group and there are only the tweets you’re interested in.  Better still, you can add people to lists that you aren’t even following, such as competitors, so they don’t even know you’re watching them.

So let’s see how we go about creating a new list. First go to twitter and click on the cog in the top right hand corner then scan down to lists. When the new page opens select ‘Create List’.  Give the list a title and a description if you wish.  You can then choose to have a public or private list, we recommend that unless you are making a list specifically so that others can find it, for example a ‘Your top tweeters’ then you keep all lists private.  Once you are finished select ‘Save list’.

Now all there is to be done is to add people to your list which is very easy to do.  Simply find someone you’d like to include in a list and go to their profile.  Select the cog next to the follow button and go down to ‘Add or remove from lists’ then simply tick the box next to whichever lists you wish to add the person to and then close.

Twitter lists allow you to get the information you need from twitter in much less time so you can spend less time on Twitter but get more from it.