T7 – How To Mention Another User On Twitter


On some occasions you may find it necessary to draw somebody who is on Twitter’s attention to something. It could be that you’ve found something online that you think they’d like or perhaps they have done something of note and you wish to congratulate them. In any event the way to do this is the same – you publish a tweet with their twitter user name in it and they will then be informed that’ you’ve done it. 

To do this you can either open up a new tweet by selecting the new tweet icon in the top right hand corner of the top menu.  Then write your message and include their Twitter user name by typing the ‘@’ symbol followed by their user name which you can get from their twitter profile if you don’t know it. Twitter will also provide you with suggestions as you type. 

Alternatively if you’re looking at their profile on Twitter and you click on the new tweet icon and Twitter will automatically include their user name in the tweet.

Once you are happy with your message then simply select ‘Tweet’ and see if they respond.

It is worth remembering that if you start a tweet with a person’s twitter username it’s classed as a reply and will only be seen by that person and people who are following both of you. Nobody else will see it in their stream. However, if you include a twitter username anywhere but the start of the tweet, everybody following you will see that message.