T7 – Adding Klout Scores To Your Twitter Feed


Many people like to measure whatever they can including their influence on the internet and that’s where Klout score comes in: it’s simply a number between 1 and 100 that represents somebody’s influence on Social Media. The more you’re retweeted, shared and liked you are, the higher your Klout Score. 

The way it works is you connect all your social media channels such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook and then it will accumulate your influence into a final score. 

Now, using a Google Chrome extension you can have people’s Klout score displayed against their tweets on Twitter.  This allows you to not only focus your twitter engagements with those who have a higher klout score (Thereby increasing the odds of you becoming known to more people) but it also allows you to see how influential the people who contact you are so you can determine an appropriate response.

To add the extension go to google and search for google extensions, then select ‘Extensions – Chrome Web Store – Google’

This will open up the  Chrome Web Store, which has various apps and applications you can add.  In the top right search for ‘Klout’ and press enter on your keyboard.

Under extensions you should see the Klout extension, simply select the button that says free and you will have downloaded the app.