T3 – How To Write Your LinkedIn Headline

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LinkedIn populates your headline automatically with your current job title and employer but you can do so much more to help you with your sales with the 120 characters you have available.  You can promote your brand, your expertise and who your client base is. If you are looking to find new connections in groups, or be found in advanced searches then you will need to have a headline that impresses.

 Your headline should be tailored towards the audience you wish to attract, think about what they are looking for.  What skills and keywords are they going to find important? Mikes is “Business Development Specialist for Lawyers, Accountants and Consultants” It tells you what he does and who he does it for. You do have to use the correct key words.  Think about what search criteria potential clients will be using to find you and put that in your headline.  The more specific your keywords, the more likely the right kind of people are going to find you.

 Be informative, think about achievements… do you regularly lead multi-million contracts?  Have you a reputation in a particular field?  Have you made a name for yourself doing particular work?  If so try and work it into your headline. ‘Real Estate lawyer at ABC Law Firm specialising in managing multimillion portfolios’ sounds so much better than… Partner at ABC Law Firm. Sometimes it is possible to be creative with your headline however you should be careful with this as it can sometimes be misinterpreted.

 To actually edit your headline, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and then click on the pen next to the current headline.  Think keywords and what you wish to be known as. When you are happy simply select ‘Send’

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