T3 – How To Resize Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

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When uploading a picture to your LinkedIn Profile you may be see this error message telling you that your photo is too large, or perhaps your photo just isn’t loading.  You will need to resize your picture so first open up a simple editing software such as Microsoft paint which can be found at ‘All Programs’, ‘Accessories’.  When paint opens open the file you wish to use as your profile picture if you are using Microsoft 2007 or later go to the Home tab in the Image area and click ‘Resize’. If you are using windows XP or Vista then Click on ‘Image’ and then ‘Stretch and Skew’. 

To resize the picture enter a number in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes that will decrease the size of the image to less than 4MB, usually 50 and below works, depending on how large your file was to begin with and then click ok.  Then save the file somewhere you will be able to find easily and choose PNG as your file type.  You should now be able to go back to LinkedIn and load your picture with no problems.

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