T3 – How To Edit Your Public Profile Settings On LinkedIn

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If someone isn’t on LinkedIn and searches for your name then they will come across what is known as your ‘Public Profile’.  This gives a limited amount of information to people that you can control. 

In order to decide the information you allow to be public first go to LinkedIn and go to the image of you in the top right hand corner, then go down to ‘Privacy and Settings’.  When the new page opens go towards the bottom of the page and select ‘Edit your public Profile’. On the left you will see a version of your profile as it looks now and on the right a list of the individual sections that appear on your profile each with a tick box next to it.  To remove a section simply select the tick box next to it and the section will disappear, as soon as you do this it will automatically save the changes for you.  This is also the page where you can edit your Public Profile URL and create a LinkedIn badge for your email.  When you are finished have a quick glimpse through what will be visable on your public profile and make sure you are happy, then simply go back to LinkedIn and carry on with any other tasks you need to do.

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