T3 – How To Change Your Profile Settings On LinkedIn

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To edit any of the basic settings regarding your LinkedIn profile first go to LinkedIn and go to your image in the top left hand corner, then go down to privacy and settings.  When the new page opens go to the table at the bottom.  There are various things that you can edit, some such as name, location & industry and twitter settings can be edited from your LinkedIn Profile page, this video focuses on the options unique to the settings page.

Turning off your activity broadcasts means that you can edit your profile without bombarding your connections with messages on their homefeed.  Simply select ‘Turn off your Activity Broadcasts’, untick the box and save the changes

You can decide who can see your activity feed, this might be because you are sharing content that you only wish your connections to receive.  To edit this simply select Simply select the link and choose who you would like to see your activity feed from the drop down. Your connections means your 1st level connections who you are directly linked with and your network means those you are 2nd and 3rd level connected to.

LinkedIn alerts you to the fact that someone views your profile, but sometimes it says anonymous or mentions a job title and industry.  You might do this if you are doing some sales research and don’t wish your targets to know, to turn this off simply open “Select what others see when you’ve viewed their profile’.  Choosing ‘Anonymous profile characteristics’ or ‘Totally anonymous’ means that you won’t be able to see who has viewed your profile so its advised that once you have don’t your research you go back change it so that your name and headline are visible.  Once you have chosen the option you want simply select ‘save changes’

You can make it so that only you can see your connections.  The problem with this is that sharing your connections and network is what LinkedIn is based around and by hiding this people wont get anything from your relationship with them.  Instead we recommend that you are more picky with the people you connect to, only connect to those you trust and avoid connecting with your competitors.

You can change who can see your profile picture so it is only your network or connections, we recommend you have it as network or ideally everyone.  Studies show that profiles with a picture are clicked on more than those without one.

On your profile you will see a ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’ box, having this on your profile can increase your visibility and increases therefore the chances that your profile will be viewed.  If you wish to remove it you can by selecting ‘Show/Hide ‘Viewers of this profile also viewed’ box’, unticking the box and selecting ‘Save changes’

Your profile settings can allow you to lock your profile down in many ways, but remember LinkedIn is about being visible and giving, so make sure you think about the choices you make.

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