T3 – How To Add A Second Email Address To Your LinkedIn Account

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Adding a second email address to your LinkedIn account means that if, for any reason, your email becomes invalid, for example maybe you changed jobs or your company changed its email format, you will not be locked out of your account.

To add a second address go to the image of you in the top right hand corner, and then go to ‘Privacy and Settings’.  When the new page opens you will see your current email in the top left hand corner, and just above it select ‘Change/Add’.  Type in the email address that you wish to add, if you already have a work email then we would suggest you add a person email and vice versa.  Then simply select ‘Add Email Address’.

You should now receive an email to the recently added address asking you to confirm that you own the email account.  Once you have selected the link to confirm you can choose which of the emails you have added to your account you wish to be your primary address.  We recommend that you have your work email as your primary address as this looks more professional to potential clients. To do this go back to where you added the email address from the Privacy and Settings page and simply select ‘Make Primary’ next to the address you wish to use.

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