T3 – How To Change Your Account Settings On Linkedin

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This video offers you a basic overview of the Account settings on LinkedIn.  To reach the account settings first go to LinkedIn, go to the image of you in the top right hand corner and go down to ‘Privacy and Settings’.  When the new page opens you will see a table at the bottom of the screen with various tabs, go to ‘Account Settings’.

Managing your Advertising preferences allows you to decide your preferences of ads and third party websites. When you have made suitable changes select ‘Save Changes’

You can change your Profile Photo and visibility from here, as well as from the ‘Profile Settings’ tab. You can change who can see your profile picture so it is only your network or connections, however we recommend you have it as network or ideally everyone.  Studies show that profiles with a picture are clicked on more than those without one.

If you find that your homefeed is being clogged up by information that isn’t relevant to you, then you can change this by selecting ‘Customize the update you see on your homepage’. You simply untick the update type that you don’t like and it will no longer appear in your feed.  The hidden tab shows the people whose updates you have hidden from your homefeed, to see their updates again simply select ‘Show Updates’.  When you are happy save your changes.

If English isn’t your first language and you wish to have LinkedIn appear in another language you can do this by selecting ‘Select your Language’ and choosing the appropriate language.  Note this doesn’t change the language of your actual profile, just the navigation of it.

When you select ‘Manage security Settings’ it will take you through to a new page.  The top option allows you to turn on a ‘Secure Connection’.  This is actually something called HTTPS which is a widely used web browser protocol that allows you to look at LinkedIn securely. Most sites use HTTPS when taking payments or login credentials and LinkedIn automatically uses a secure connection when you sign in, use Recruiter, advertising tools, enter a payment flow, or change your settings. Selecting this will mean that you browse all of LinkedIn over HTTPS. It’s recommended that you turn it on if you regularly access LinkedIn using Wi-Fi hotspots at libraries, cafes, airports.

The second option Two-step verification for sign-in where you will be asked to provide a mobile phone number so that you can be a sent a verification code for when you sign in on a device that LinkedIn doesn’t recognise.

From this section you can also upgrade your account should you wish to and this is where you would close your account.  If you do close your account there is the possibility of getting it reopened within 25 days by getting in contact with LinkedIn, however if it has been closed longer than 25 days it isn’t possible to reopen it.

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