T3 – How To Manage Your LinkedIn Recommendations

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Recommendations definitely add depth to your profile but sometimes recommendations can become out of date, for example if they are recommending you for a job that you no longer do, and can present an image of being a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.  In this instance you will wish to prevent them from being visible on your profile so that people focus on the recommendations you wish them to see.

To do this go to the image of your profile picture in the top right hand corner and then go down to Privacy and Settings.  This will take you to the main settings page, and in the bottom right hand corner you will see the option to ‘Manage your Recommendations’.  Here you will see a list of all the job roles you have and the recommendations against them.  If you wish to remove a recommendation then simply go to the job role the recommendation is against and select ‘Manage’.  When you have found the recommendation you wish to remove you simply select the tick box to the left of the recommendation, then select ‘Save Changes’.

You can of course go back and make the recommendation visible should you need to, simply go back to Manage your recommendations from the Privacy and Settings page, go back to ‘Manage’ the role that the recommendation is against and to have it show on your profile again you simply re-tick the box to the left and then save.

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