T3 – How To Manage Your LinkedIn Endorsements

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Endorsements allow your 1st level connections to recognise and promote your capabilities, however have you ever been endorsed for a skill that you don’t actually have, or been endorsed by someone you barely know?  In these instances it is best to Manage your Endorsements.

To do this go to ‘Profile’ and then ‘Edit profile’ and scroll down until you see your Skills and Expertise section and select ‘Edit’.  Here you can add or remove your skills – we recommend between 5 and 10 skills.  This allows you to highlight your key skills without looking like a Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none.  If you have been endorsed for a skill that you either don’t have or is no longer relevant to your role then you can delete it by clicking on the (X) next to that skill. 

Now, if you have been endorsed for a skill by someone you don’t want to publicise, for example maybe it was an internal colleague and you only with to show external endorsements you can easily hide them by selecting ‘Manage Endorsements’.  This will then list your skills on the left hand side and on the right it shows who has endorsed you for that individual skill. To edit who is visible simply select the skill you wish to modify, then go through and untick those contacts to wish to hide from your profile.  Once you are finished click ‘Save’.

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