T3 – How To Add Multimedia To Your LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn now allows you to enrich your profile with multimedia allowing you to give information about yourself, your skills and your products whilst helping you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Multimedia includes, PDFs, videos, presentations, audio and images and can be added to your summary, work experience and education sections. 

To add the multimedia to go ‘Profile’ on the menu and then down to ‘Edit Profile’, then scroll down to the section you wish to add the multimedia to, in this instance I am going to add it to the Summary. 

Before you add your multimedia you can check the supported providers list which will let you know if the content can be uploaded, this can be found at the bottoms of the section, or if it is not there then simply search the LinkedIn Help centre which can be found at the bottom of the page.

To add a link, for example to a YouTube video, or slideshare presentation simply go to the website link you wish to publish and copy it.  Then go back to your LinkedIn Profile and click on the icon at the top right hand side and go to ‘Add Link’. Then paste this link into the box, you will then see that you are able to add a title as well as a description to detail what the link is about.  Once you are happy simply press ‘Save’

You can also add files directly from your computer, again select the icon and go to ‘Upload File’.  Then search and select the item you wish to upload, it’s similar to how you would upload an attachment to an email.  Once the item has downloaded you can again add a title and description to add a little bit more detail.  When you are happy select ‘Save’,

Should you wish you can also edit the multimedia by selecting the blue pen in the corner of each item. You can alter the text of the title and description, you can also edit which area you wish to have the multimedia, so you can move it to a work history or education if you have them.  If you wish to delete the item, maybe it is out of date or you have replaced it with something better, you can also delete it from here by selecting ‘Remove this media’ and then confirming that you wish to remove it.

Multimedia is still vastly underused so just by adding that little bit extra to your profile it can put you miles ahead of your competition.

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