T3 – How To Add Contact Details To Your LinkedIn Profile

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Adding contact information to your LinkedIn profile makes it that much easier for your 1st level connections to get in contact with you.  To edit your contact information first go to ‘Profile’ on the menu and then to ‘Edit profile’.  Then in the section under your profile picture select ‘Edit Contact Info’.  To edit each field select the blue pen next to it.

If you are currently employed then try to make sure that the visible email is your work email, it looks more professional to email [email protected] than JoeBloggs@gmail or yahoo.com, to learn more about adding second email addresses please watch our video ‘How To Add A Second Email Address to Your LinkedIn Account’. You should add in the best phone number to contact you on, if you don’t wish to put your Direct Dial or mobile number then is it more than acceptable to put the Office Switchboard number down. An address can also be an advantage to add, we would recommend you add in the address of the office you work in, or if this makes you uncomfortable, your head office.  LinkedIn does allow you to add your twitter to your profile, but we would recommend you do this only if you actively use twitter for work, otherwise it could detract from the brand you are trying to form.  If you have a Skype or Instant Messaging contact you can also add this, but remember you should only add what you feel comfortable adding.

When it comes to adding websites, LinkedIn offer you various options such as Company Homepage and blog, you can use these but if you choose ‘Other’ you can add your own text for the website title.  When you compare them both together the ‘Other’ option is clearly the best one. You should try and use all the available fields, so add your Company Homepages, blogs that you contribute to and if you have a company bio page that is always good to add.

Having many routes by which potential clients can contact you can help them to feel more comfortable with you, starting your relationship off in the best possible way.

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